I flew for the first time in my life.

Yes, the post’s title says it all. A week ago, on the 16th, I boarded a 737-8AS (Ryanair).

Yes, I did enjoy the flight. It was fun, getting to the Czech Republic from Slovakia in around an hour or two. We also visited a friend of ours. The visit was great, I got to play some music on a Technics turntable 🙂

Side note: I wish I also had a turntable with pitch control/quartz lock. I can’t stand it when music plays at the wrong speed. Oh well.

Speaking of the flight itself, no, it didn’t go without problems. I started to feel lightheaded soon after we took off because I was never up in the sky before, so I wasn’t used to the sudden change in pressure. I have a feeling it might’ve been airsickness. The cabin crew were very kind and helpful, though, and I even got a free can of Coke. When I was on the return flight, I only focused on what was happening inside, which seems to have helped somewhat.

The advantages (and speed!) of air travel far outweigh the dizziness I faced, though. I won’t hesitate to enjoy a flight if I do get another chance to!

Let me know about your experiences with flying in the comments below. 😉





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