Category: Miscellaneous

  • I got lucky today.

    Yo! Today I had the luck of seeing a Google Street View car scanning our streets 🙂 Have you ever seen one? Share your experiences in the comments—I’m curious! And even if you haven’t, I still hope you have a nice day 😉

  • Merry Christmas!

    How’s everybody enjoying this day? Let me know!

  • It’s birthday time!

    The post’s title explains it well enough, I’d wager. In case it doesn’t, yes, you guessed it, today’s not only my birthday, but others’ too, like Liz Mitchell’s (Boney M’s lead vocalist) or Christine McVie’s (Fleetwood Mac), for example. Feel free to send wishes for me to digest in the comments below.

  • I can’t wait for tomorrow.

    Final Fantasy fans will definitely know what I’m talking about. 😉 I’m so excited to pick up my pre-order and start playing!

  • I was stopped by a security guard at Tesco for the wrong reason.

    Yesterday, I was shopping at Tesco. All was fine until I got to self checkout, as I always do. You see, our checkouts have the quantity option, which allows me to enter multiple pieces of a single item at once without having to call staff. Everything went normally, as it always does, except when I…

  • No more running out of alcohol swabs for me.

    A month ago, I was starting to run out of isopropyl alcohol swabs. I use them pretty often—they’re good for more than just cleaning the skin prior to puncture. For example, they can be used to dissolve sticker residue, among other things. Recently, an idea came to my mind: what if I got a roll…

  • Wikipedia’s village stocks – I can guarantee you’ll have a good laugh!

    So, I was just casually browsing Wikipedia out of boredom and came across the Village stocks. The silliness and insanity Wikipedia admins are sometimes capable of is pretty darn hilarious, I couldn’t stop laughing! You can give it a skim here –> Wikipedia:Village stocks – but I won’t be held responsible if you wet your…

  • I flew for the first time in my life.

    Yes, the post’s title says it all. A week ago, on the 16th, I boarded a 737-8AS (Ryanair). Yes, I did enjoy the flight. It was fun, getting to the Czech Republic from Slovakia in around an hour or two. We also visited a friend of ours. The visit was great, I got to play…

  • Ingrown toenails are no fun.

    Warning: Do not continue reading this post if you’re squeamish.