I just performed some “surgery” on my old PS1…

I ordered a RePSX power supply for my PS1 a few weeks back (and received it yesterday), as the stock one that’s in it gets pretty hot and is less efficient. I also ordered a 12V power adapter along with it. Details below!

Package contents

The RePSX board itself is packed in an anti-static bag. Along with it comes a DC-in socket, mounted on a 3D-printed bracket which neatly slides onto the console’s shell.


The installation is really simple and doesn’t involve any difficult tasks:

  • flip the console over and remove the 6 screws
  • remove the top cover
  • unplug the PSU, then unscrew and remove it
  • put the RePSX board where the old PSU was
  • connect the RePSX board to the console
  • plug the DC-in socket to the RePSX and mount it onto the console’s shell
  • put the cover back on
  • hook the console up to a 12V transformer (center positive, 5.5×2.1mm jack)
  • bingo


I’m happy I can finally play games on my old PS1 without the thing overheating! Let me know what you think in the comments.



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