I’m happy I have an LED printer.

Ever since my old HP inkjet started to break down from age, I thought about replacing it with a color laser/LED printer instead, and I’m very happy I made that decision. Here are a few reasons why:


The main advantage of laser/LED printers is their speed: they’re (usually) faster than inkjet printers.

Crisper prints

Since ink is a liquid which seeps into the paper, the edges of text printed on an inkjet printer will be somewhat less defined than those of a laser printout.


A color laser/LED printer can initially be more pricey upfront, but the cost per page is usually lower than that of an inkjet, because toner cartridges usually have a higher page yield.

Won’t dry up and clog

This was the main reason I switched to an LED printer. Compared to ink, toner is solid/dry, meaning there’s no printhead-clogging liquid.

Higher page yield

Toner cartridges usually have a substantially higher page yield than their inkjet printer counterparts.






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