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  • I ordered a VPS some time ago.

    Howdy, fellow readers! I’ve decided to order a VPS a few months back. That means I can host Discord bots and a lot more! In case you’re curious, here’re the specs. Nothing too fancy: I have a LAMP stack + a copy of Webmin installed on it. For now, I’m hosting a MediaWiki site on…

  • Installing Red Hat Linux 6.2 in VMware Fusion

    Howdy, fellow readers! Here’s yet another tech-related blog post of mine, in which I’ll be documenting how I installed Red Hat Linux 6.2 in VMware Fusion, though it should work with any VMware product. For some reason, getting older operating systems to run at least somewhat nicely under newer virtualization software feels kinda pleasurable to me. If…

  • Red Hat Linux 6.2 with KDE under VMware

    A while ago, I managed to install Red Hat Linux 6.2 (and other old late 90s distributions) under VMware: I may write up a post with instructions soon. Stay tuned! In case you have any questions, feel free to comment on the post, I’ll do my best to answer.